Margaret Kenyatta

Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta was smack in the middle of a heated exchange between Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and the county’s Woman Representative Gathoni Wa Muchomba.

The First Lady had been invited by the county leadership to preside over a tree-planting event at Ruiru Dam in Kiambu on Saturday.

Waititu has been dogged with corruption claims after the EACC raided his two houses and carted away with documents to build their case against him.

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Margaret KenyattaNow, on Saturday during the event, Wa Muchomba took the opportunity to call out Waititu.

She stated that the first-term governor should be put to task to explain where county funds had disappeared to.

“I saw how you (Waititu) were cornered and this should continue until stolen public funds are returned. We have a problem and it is only fair that I speak out as a representative of the people,” Wa Muchomba said.

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After that swipe, Waititu was angry AF. He had to defend himself.

“If you have any evidence against Baba Yao (Waititu), please take it to where it is needed. Stop bringing it up in churches, funerals and public events like this one graced by her Excellency the First Lady,” Waititu shot back.

He, however, admitted that he was being investigated by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

“It is true that I am being investigated and I accept it, indeed so many people are being investigated. However, that is not a big deal as those investigating me do not know me,” he added.

The day was saved by Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Forestry Keriako Tobiko who asked the two to keep calm.

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