Kenyan producer and video director J Blessing is one of the most sought after music video directors in East Africa and it is no doubt that he is good at what he does.

J Blessing and his lovely wife Chantelle went through a heart-wrenching time of their lives in 2015, when they lost their only child, Kyle Blessing after a short illness.

Their son was only 7 months old when he passed away, which was also a big shocker for their fans and family.

So Emotional! ‘Toklezea’ Singer Chantelle And Hubby J Blessing Pay Touching Tribute To Their Late Son That Will Move You To Tears

The two have been able to move on and accept his demise and are holding and treasuring the happy moments they shared together with their little angel.

J Blessing and Chantelle have been very close and have proven those who said they wouldn’t last wrong, and it looks like their love is blossoming more with time.

Chantelle is popularly known for her hit single, Toklezea, which took the country by storm upon its release in 2012. Today, Feb 2, the beauty turns a year older which is a great joy for her and her hubby.

Her dear husband J Blessing did not forget to be the first one to wish her a happy birthday, with the most loving message and it looks like the man is head over heels for Chanty.

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