P-Unit singer Frasha has always been one of the few singers who has managed to keep his personal life from the public eye.

The ‘Weka Weka’ singer has some of the best songs in the industry, even after going solo for a while now, to make his own brand, I Am Frasha.

Frasha has maintained a cordial relationship with his P-Unit members and still works musically with them and not forgetting the numerous collaborations he has had in the past one year with other Kenyan musicians.

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What many don’t know though is that Frasha is a caring father and a loving husband and is actually a committed man when it comes to family and that he quit a Physiotherapist job back in 2013.

The singer who is best known for hiding his eyes behind dark glasses is married to the beautiful Meg and together they are blessed with 4 adorable children.

Frasha is not the type of men who floss their wives on social media, not because he is not proud of her, but because he prefers keeping his private life off the limelight and as simple as it can get.

But in the wake of Tuesday, Jan 26, the Dandia singer let loose a little bit and flaunted his wife and shared a sweet loving message to her.

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