Collo is one of the pioneers of Kenya’s urban rap. He was one of the three members of the popular rap trio Kleptomaniax. Other members were Nyashinski and Roba. After years of absence, the group recently hinted on a possible reunion.

Kleptomaniax’s Collo And Nyashinski Re-Unite! But Now in USA

Collo, the self-proclaimed King Wa Rap, finally said “I do” to his wife Phibby this past weekend. The lovely couple formalised their marriage in a colourful wedding where only a few invitees were present. They consisted of close family members and a few friends.

The two have a daughter together, who is all grown up now!

Rapper Collo’s Daughter Is All Grown Up And Looks So Cute

“Next time you’re tempted to evaluate what God is doing by the looks of things, don’t do it. Remember instead that it is faith, not appearances, that makes miracles happen. It’s the only real evidence that you need!” -Collo.