JulieGichuru_OPPO Selfie
JulieGichuru_OPPO Selfie

Julie Gichuru is a famous influential media personality in Kenya. And apart from being a boss lady, she is a family woman. She is a mother of four, three boys and one girl.

On social media, you will not fail to see her lovey dovey messages to her husband. Or even miss a photo of them together.

Earlier today, she posted a photo of their grandmother in-love and wrote;

“Fall in love with a man who adores the women in his life, his mother & grandmothers. He will treasure you.
Fall in love with a man who makes them feel like a queen.
Fall in love with a man who makes them giggle like a girl.
Fall in love with a man who knows how to love a woman 💓
Then, teach your sons how to love a woman 💙”

And you will be shocked to find out how old her grandmother in-love is, how many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren she has.

“Thank you Cucu without you there would be no us.

We love you Cucu. Forever.
97 years of blessed life,
10 children,
46 grandchildren,
68 great grandchildren & 3 great great grandchildren.
What an incredible legacy, we give thanks 🙏 💙💙💙🙏🙏🙏”

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