100 bob Wedding

The Kenyan couple who caused a lot of excitement on social media after holding what many would consider as a cheap wedding on Sunday, January 22, 2017, have received what may be the biggest gift in their entire lives.

The wedding between 27-year old Wilson Wanjohi Mutura and his 23-year-old fiancée (now wife) Anne Muhonja cost Sh100 only (that is for the two rings each at Sh50).

However, the couple, who met three years ago, never anticipated that a simple wedding would be broadcast to every Kenyan who has been online in the past few days.

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For a man who could not proceed beyond class 8 because of the economic status of his family in Ndunyu Njeru (Kinangop), Wilson says that he’s the most learned in his family. He’s the 5th born in a family of 8 siblings.

But his new wife from Karandi in Nyahururu completed high school in 2015.

The two had planned to tie the knot in December 2016 and all their church’ members were looking forward to it.

“Unfortunately we could not raise money for the wedding. I am employed to sell apples in a mkokoteni where I’m paid on commission. If I sell apples worth Sh1,000, I am paid Sh100. Having not raised the cash, we cancelled the wedding,” says Wilson.

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On the Sunday of January 22, Wilson had Sh200 in his pocket. He went to church as usual but waited after praise and worship session then dashed to a malimali shop where he bought the rings at Sh100.

“The remainder is what we took for our first supper as a married couple,” he says.

Following the excitement on social media, Kenyans have come out to sponsor the couple with a lavish wedding, among other surprises.

An events planning company has offered a fully sponsored wedding to give Wilson & Anne an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family.

A well-established tours and travel company has offered an all expenses paid honeymoon package for the couple.

A Kenyan cinema production house has offered to provide a free make-up artist and free photoshoot on Valentine’s Day, for the couple.

A Kenyan in U.S has pledged start-up capital for a small business for the two.

An M-Changa account has also been set up to pool funds to assist the young couple set up a small business enterprise.

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Kweli, Mungu ana mipango zake!