EMB records’ Mr.Seed is not on good terms with girlfriend Nimo Gachuiri. It seems he and his CEO girlfriend have not been seeing eye-to-eye for a while now.

Talking to Kiss FM’s Maloko show host Chito Ndlovu, the Pull Up dancehall star revealed that indeed, the two of them are no more.

Chito asked him, “Have you and Nimo broken up?”

“(He stammers) Pass.I can’t comment about that right now. Thats so personal”

Chito then asked, Are you guys going through a rough patch, is that why you can’t comment about it?

“Something like that ” Mr.Seed Spilled the beans

He went ahead to say that he did nothing wrong for him to get dumped by girlfriend.

“I did nothing…I’ve done nothing wrong.And I cannot apologize on air.What I can say ni ati I love her so much.”

His girlfriend has been sharing break-up posts on social media, evidence that Mr. Seed is dumped for good.

“You feel your strength 💪💪in the experience of pain.
Everything happens for a reason🙏.” Nimo Gachuiri”

From all that, it is evident that the now ex-girlfriend has moved on but Seed is trying to Pull Up their relationship.

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