Nyashinski is the dream of every woman.

In an interview with mpasho, Sauti Sol with so much confidence said that they are sure Nyashinski will get married first. In fact, from all the women who proclaim their love for him, he is already married to so many women by default.

He has been rumored to be dating but we have never really seen him publicly declare¬†‘this is the woman of my life’

Well, Nandy Tanzanian artiste was in the country to promote her songs. The media tour was successful and that is probably not the only thing that went right for her.


She met Nyashinski and the two in a photo making rounds in Tanzania look like they were having a very good time. The picture where Nandy has put her head on his lap and him so excited about it sends a message.

Sam West unaibiwa! Nyashinski flirts with Vivian publicly

Could the two be involved? Or maybe they were just sharing a happy moment during their studio time as they may be planning for a collabo.

Whichever the case, Nyashinski and Nandy make a very cute couple(hypothetically speaking).

Well, you be the judge from the picture below:

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