Wendy Kimani

They say white men like slim yet dark skinned lasses, and I must agree that this statement has been proven to be true.

Gone are those days that when you’d see a lass with a mzungu man, and the intention was trying to ‘eat’ his money.

It seems most Kenyan female celebrities have found love from these foreigners.

  1. Anyiko Awoko

Thomas Maule stole the heart of Anyiko, Sauti Sol’s Publicist who have been together for the last 1 year. Anyiko introduced his mzungu lover recently as she showered him with love on social media.

She wrote;

“My baby and I are celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary this May ???? I am so excited like a child so I keep changing our anniversary date as a kid would postpone to wear new shoes just so to keep them clean and marvel at how they shine ????We don’t really know the exact date because we just kind of hit it off from Day 1. But that was actually after 100 days of friends cajoling us to be together…”

2. Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon,a socialite,entrepreneur and surprisingly an advocate is the one warming the bed of one Gaetano an Italian man who from the look of things seem to be head over heels in love with the botylicious lass.

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3. Wendy Kimani

Wendy has already settled with her mzungu man identified by the name Marvin. The two were recently blessed with a baby boy. See what true love can do!

4. Vanessa Kiuna

She is the daughter of Bishop Allan and Rev. Kathy Kiuna of JCC (Jubilee Christian Church). During her studies in the states, she met her mzungu man Robert Kovac and as they say the rest is history. The two tied the knot in a posh wedding and are now blessed with beautiful daughter.

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5. Annabel Onyango

She is the designer to the Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol and her husband Marek is their manager. The two walked down the aisle, proof that true love is still there for those who believe in it. From the look of things, it seems Annabel might be bringing a new human being to the world.