Papa Shirandula and Wilbroda

Charles Bukeko popularly known as Papa Shirandula left behind a legacy. The veteran actor succumbed to Covid-19 complications in July 2020.

Wilbroda, whose real name is Jacquey Nyaminde and Jacky Vike aka Awinja, shared their ith personal experiences working with Bukeko before Citizen TV stopped airing Papa Shirandula.

Wilbroda, MC Jessy and Awinja

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Speaking to MC Jessy, Wilbroda said,

Kitambo sikuwa namfeel. During the first days n set, we used to clash a lot. At times he would say or do things which I didn’t agree with. So many times when we were on set we never used to talk to each other. Hata salamu!


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She revealed that when they were required to act in love in certain scenes, she had no choice but to pretend and as soon as it was over, they would go back to ‘being enemies’.

…but with the time you get used to each other and as the years went by we became friends because he’s the person I was with on set and talked to mostly. I moved to where he used to live and our relationship grew and we became best friends.

Just like Njoro, Wibroda said Papa helped her solve her marital problems.

‘Hata mimi papa aliwahi kuja akasort out issues zangu za relationship. Alicome mpaka kwa hao akaambia msee we cheki tulia…’the mother of one said.

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