Jacque Maribe and Jowie’s case is still the hands of the law as we all await the judgment of the new judge, James Wakiaga.

Before the case was passed to him, the case was being heard by one Judge Lesiit. She is also the same judge who was listening to the case against Obado.

Judge Lesiit handles murder cases.

Lawyers who have appeared before Justice Lesiit confessed that she is as straight as an arrow even when she served as resident Magistrate in Meru before climbing the judicial ladder to the High Court.


Cliff Ombeta who is a famous criminal lawyer had an interview with The Nairobian where he said, Justice Lesiit is both strict and fair.

You can’t go to her courtroom unprepared. She is tough but very fair. Even if you have substance, you will have to justify whatever you say in her court. Many lawyers dread her chambers. She understands the law and so you can’t try present half-baked theories in her courtroom

Another frequent advocate of the high court also spoke where he shared the same sentiments with Ombeta

She is very tough and straightforward judge, she gives all the sides equal opportunity, in fact, majority of my colleagues fear her

From the interview The Nairobian conducted even to the prosecutors, Lesiit is passionate about her job as a judge.

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Lesiit has handled some of her high profile cases include the beauty queen Ruth Kamande’s murder case where she stabbed her boyfriend 25 times in 2015 and was sentenced to hang.

I want young people to know that it is not cool to kill each other. If you have an issue with a boyfriend, just walk away and forgive


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