mandera baby

A nine-month baby who was airlifted from Mandera to Nairobi for specialized treatment has been discharged from Kenyatta National Hospital.

Dakane Mustaab, who was suffering from a congenital extra-cranial tumour, has fully recovered.

The last born in a family of nine kids was born at home.

Emergency Plus Medical Services (E-Plus) facilitated the treatment at a cost of Sh2.1 million.

The family had given up because of financial constraints.

“Remember Baby Dakane? The young child who had congenital extra-cranial tumour who was flown to Nairobi on March 20 for neurosurgical care? Well, he will be discharged today after a successful procedure,”read a tweet by Redcross Ambulance.

“To Amref Flying Doctors, we thank you for carrying out the air evacuation from Mandera to Nairobi and for organising a flight back,” it further stated.

mandera baby

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Paediatric anaestholist Susan Nabulindo said the surgery took two hours.

“There was no major complication apart from excessive blood loss, but we had enough blood to give him,” she said.

Mustaab was taken to the Intensive Care Unit for observation.