A young man from who hails from Ruiru hit the headlines recently for his freakishly resembling prominent politician and opposition leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

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Pundits have claimed he could the Wiper leader’s doppelganger. The current situation has sparked allegations that he just might be Kalonzo’s illegitimate son, accusations that the party leader vehemently declined and clearly stated, “Hiyo sio kazi yangu.”

Jesse Kinyanjui an Advanced Technical Training Centre and Ruiru Boys High school alumni said in a phone interview With The STar, that he is used to the “comments on how I resemble the wiper party leader, but I never thought it would get this far.”

Jesse was reacting to all the hullabaloo that came to his coverage and the social media attention he received.

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Moreover he is known to have been rocking his mustache since he left high school. Even then, Jesse’s college buddies always jokes about how much he looks like the politician.

He added that he is set to meet the party leader soon but cannot disclose the details as of yet.

Additionally he said he was not ready make any more comments on the issue and that he should be given time to process the situation since he is not used to so much media attention.

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