A conman was forced to beg for forgiveness after a prankster dressed up in drag to pretend to be a vulnerable woman and then exposed his scam online.

David Walker, 39, asked his daughter to put make-up on him and created a fake Facebook profile named ‘Julian Le Flange’ to lure online predators after a family friend was conned into handing over thousands of pounds in an online romance.

The father-of-two was soon approached by a ‘religious pastor’ from Nigeria who quickly declared his love for Julian before asking for Ksh. 90,000 so that he could get a flight to the UK.

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However, Mr Walker took advantage of the scammer’s eagerness to get his hands on the cash by luring him into a hilarious exchange that ended with the father sending a photo of his daughter’s toys labelled as the ‘Western Union shop’.

But he was subsequently banned by Facebook for ‘breaching the firm’s anti-bullying policy’.

After Mr Walker posted the images of their conversation online, the self-declared religious pastor was bombarded with hundreds of prank messages from other Facebook users and ended up begging him to tell people to stop harassing him.

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Mr Walker, from Newcastle, said:

‘I was inspired to start doing this because I have a good friend whose mother unfortunately fell victim to one of these scammers and she lost thousands of pounds.

‘Unfortunately, lots of people do get stitched up by these conmen. She was very embarrassed about what happened and it had a very negative effect on her. My friend really likes what I’m doing and is supportive of it.

‘I roped in my daughter to put some make-up on me for the photo as Julian. I can’t say I enjoyed it but she certainly found it funny to make her dad look silly.

‘It did the trick though as people think it’s a woman.

Here are screenshots of their conversation:

Source: Daily Mail