Now that world cup is over, there will be more action in the bedroom.

Men like affirmation and they like being patted on their backs for a job well done in the sack. Some talk in the bedroom can easily arouse them. Ladies, you need to regain ownership of your man in bed with some of these phrases they like to hear:

  1. You’re so big.

When the clothes are down, the first thing that you will see is his msolokombo and be like ‘daymn son! you big’. This makes him feel like a king and the rest after that will be recorded and remembered history.

2.  Wow, that was the best I’ve ever had.

Facial expressions speak more here but just affirming to the man that he has beat a set record will make him work even harder. This is definitely something a man wants to hear in the four walls of a bedroom or even the kitchen floor, whichever rocks your boat.


3.  Do whatever you want to me.

This gives the man the chance to experiment with you and leave you in shock. Somethings even leave you googling because it has never been seen or heard of. Men like to leave you surprised in a good way because you will forever remember that experience.

4.  You look so sexy like that.

Anyone feels good after a compliment. This one is always followed by a nasty comment where you say you can’t wait to rip it off him. Both work for him, makes him feel appreciated.

5.  My whole body is shaking.

This is a catalyst. This statement literally pumps the man up. Seeing as it physical evidence the man knows he did well because you can’t fake it.

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