Betty Kyallo and new man

Hon Alinur Mohamed has denied being the Somali man alleged to be Betty Kyallo’s new man after divorcing Dennis Okari.

The identity of the man was exposed last week after an online spat between Betty Kyallo’ and Ken Mijungu.

Taking to his Twitter account Alinur said.

‘There has been speculations about my personal life in the past few days.

Kenyans are linking me to the Somali guy who was mentioned by Ntv news anchor Ken Mijungu.

By his story that touched on Betty Kyallo’ and Dennis Okari.

All these speculations are misleading.

Alinur added that his happiness is not based in other people’s (Betty’s) misfortunes.

The information being spread around lacks facts and is being spread by an individual who has malicious interests.

My happiness doesn’t come from other people’s misfortunes.

It’s important that Kenyans know the truth,I have a family that I love so much.’

Further adding

I am therefore asking those purporting that I am the mysterious guy to have some respect for my family,Betty’s family,Dennis Ikari’s family and myself 

I am not the Somali guy.’

There you have it anzeni kuchambua Tena coz he is not Betty’s bae.

Muache kuvunja ndoa za wenyewe,kupata Bibi/bwana is no easy task.