Two British women killed when a car smashed into them in Oman were murdered by a terrorist, a victim’s widower who survived the attack has claimed.

Audrey Lindley, 69, and an unknown woman were killed while on a coach trip during an ‘Authentic Arabia’ cruise in the Middle East last month.

The pair were stepping off a coach in Salalah when they were hit by a car after its 22-year-old unlicensed driver veered into the wrong lane.

Mrs. Lindley’s 70-year-old husband Eric, who survived the crash and is recovering in his hometown of Ossett, West Yorkshire, has now claimed the driver targeted westerners in an act of terrorism.

His nephew Andrew told The Times: ‘Eric is certain that it was deliberate. He has a clear recollection of what happened.

‘He had got off the coach and was walking towards the back when the car sped up and crashed into him.

‘Then he saw the driver continue and deliberately hit his wife and the other woman… it was murder.’

Oman’s ministry of tourism said the deaths were a ‘painful and tragic accident’.

The victims were traveling on the Boudicca, a Fred Olsen Cruise Line, from Aqaba in Jordan to Abu Dhabi when they died on September 27.



In a statement published on its website, Fred Olsen Cruises said: ‘Royal Oman Police preliminary reports suggest the cause of the accident was the driver’s deviation from his lane.

‘The driver also did not hold a driving licence. Further investigations into the accident are ongoing.’

The women were on the 14-night ‘Authentic Arabia’ fly cruise, which left Jordan on September 20.

Thousands of Brits visit Oman every year, and the Foreign Office says most visits are trouble-free.

But it warns: ‘You should maintain a high level of security awareness and take care in public places and on the roads.

‘Driving can be dangerous outside Muscat; there is a risk of hitting wandering camels and goats on the road. Rainfall can cause sudden and severe flooding in dry riverbeds and on roads that cross them.

‘The standard of Omani roads is generally good. Driving standards in Oman are not always as disciplined as those in the UK, and the rate of traffic accidents in Oman is significantly higher.’

Daily Mail.