Men grinding on each other

A young man who was caught on camera grinding or rather dancing seductively with a fellow man in a yellow tee has spoken out.

The embarrassed man was busy rubbing his genitals on the other man’s behind in a video that went viral, igniting mixed reactions.

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In a video that resurfaced, the young man who looks shell shocked said that he didn’t know he was dancing with a man.

F**k! Hata sikuwa najua huyo ni boy! [ I didn’t know the person I was dancing with was a man],’ he said standing next to a lady.

Kenyans have reacted to his ‘response’ and below are the comments.

Cristopher De Mwambo Kweli pombe si maji

Beulah Mamake Captain He is doing it better than many of the girlfriends 😛

Wan Mamacita Wan Aki Kenya enyewe stress ni mingi but we have a way of relieving them

Annie Mbari Dunia simama nishuke

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Ribin Morara Wamlambez

Balozi Mtetezi Navenye ulikuwa unamsukumia mjulussss hahaaa

Opicha How the f, didn’t you know alikua boy? You was high.. so high manze..

Okeu Kano Hahahaha wololo

David Pascal Manisha ikikufikisha hapa, then it’s time to say bye bye to alcohol, saitan

Here is the video

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