dead body

Cases of domestic violence are seriously on the rise. This is worrying. There is a new case every day. Tunaomba sirikal. Saidia.

A middle-aged man is reported to have beheaded his lover, last night after an argument over finances. Apparently, the fight emanated from a loan taken by the lover from a bank in Gokeharaka in Migori county.

Samwel Maroa Rioba hacked at his lover Mariam Muhiri and eventually killing her over Sh 26,000. Neighbours narrated how the verbal fight deteriorated into a physical one that says Samuel take a panga and start hacking at Mariam.

“Mariam was cut severally before she managed to free herself and run away to a nearby bush to hide. But Samuel went after him and continued cutting her up until he eventually cut off her head,” a neighbour narrated.

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Francis Machegera, one of the neighbours said the fight started when the two couldn’t agree on how to spend the loan money that they got from the banking institution on September 4.

According to the chief from the area, Samuel Chacha, the man is now in hiding after murdering the live in girlfriend and the police are conducting an intensive manhunt for him.

The chief clarified that the perpetrator took up Mariam – a widow – as his lover after her husband died during after an altercation with residents in the area that saw him die from injuries inflicted from mob justice.

Mariam’s body has been taken to a mortuary owned by Pastor Machage in Migori as the police continue with investigations into the case.

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