Kamba man beats wife

A video of a man identified as Nzomo beating his wife went viral, leaving many in tears.

According to sources, Nzomo beat his wife up over infidelity allegations in Kitonyoni, Makueni County, leaving her for dead.

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The young wife was rushed to Wote level 4 District hospital, where she is currently receiving treatment.

Kenyans called for the arrest of Nzomo using hashtag #ArrestNzomo, prompting the ODPP to issue a warrant of arrest. He tweeted:

The DPP’s attention has been drawn to a viral video clip of a man assaulting a woman in Makueni. Consequently the DPP has directed the @DCI_Kenya to immediately have suspect arrested & arraigned before court @fidakenya @CREAWKenya.’

Here is the video

Check out comments from Kenyans;

Lila Lakhana: Jesoooo yaani someone did this to someone’s child. That man should be taught a lesson

Moses Kamau: #ArrestNzomo Nzomo is the true manifestation of a beast. This kind of barbarism is unequaled and negates humanity. It is time we have a man talk with such villains and we teach them how to treat women with love and dignity.

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Gabriel Munyoki: He is not fit to live amongst us because there are several accounts he should face from this clip:

1. Molestation
2. Attempted murder
3. Tortures
4. Marrying underage
5. Threatening ones life

Please let us stand in unity and call for the arrest of NZOMO#ArrestNzomo

Alfred Gacheru: I thought it was a child

Jeniffer Ndeke: My heart bleeds for this girl. May GOD come through for her. Kenya’s finest: Fellow Kenyans have we lost our Humanity???why should people stand and watch all this happen?? Retweet the video until the girl gets justice #ArrestNzomo

Mwenesi Mulama: Good that girl was too young she should go build her life now

Juliet Kamotho: This woman was beaten like this in presence of sane women and men watching and taking video… No one could help this Lady really🙆🙆🙆

Kosigo Rutto: I was soo surprised seen somebody standing taking video instead of helping the poor woman. Was the clip meant to rescue her after the heavy beatings, the damage is done already!! her body is in pain! I think the video recorders should also take responsibility instead!

Keriga Josy: Honestly how do u fight with a woman surely, MTU mwenye ulikatia mwenyewe unless kama ulileletewa ,but mwanamke NI kupembeleza kama mtoto ,they re human beings and learned nowadays , talk to her and she will listen they re good people

Mwanaa Sammy Jr:  That’s why I advise ladies better to stay single than being in this kind of marriage, these type of men can kill you and get forgotten.