A friend yesterday joked that we’re now properly flirting with invention. I didn’t understand what he was saying. He further explained that invention is a lady because she is the daughter of necessity. It took me a while to get the joke and it dawned on me as I was washing my hands at home in the evening.

Anyway, jokes aside. We’re in a hiatus at the moment and most people are working from home. Whether business or personal, Kenyans are now doing things differently and uniquely. Our peculiar habits are changing.

We’re now queuing at supermarkets while keeping a distance of 1.5 metres (at least, at my supermarket) and we’re using public transport with caution because government has instructed matatus to only carry half the passengers. We’re wearing maks , some home-made and we’re still doing last minute shopping to panic buy things we don’t urgently need. My neigbour bought ten packets of serviettes and later put the photo on our community’s WhatsApp group. He’s now said he’s giving them away because he can’t host visitors for nyama choma to use them.

One thing hasn’t changed with Kenyans though: our online lifestyle. In fact, we’re doing more and more things online now that we’re working from home. There’s been a massive uptake of digital products such as ordering food, sending and receiving packages, entertainment, online meetings et cetera. Most uniquely, insurance hasn’t been left behind. ICEA Lion has come up with a thrilling platform that allows Kenyans to get their motor insurance certificate straight from your phone in less than ten minutes!

How it works

The process is simple and straight forward. You start by visiting motor.icealion.com and following the step-by-step prompts for obtaining comprehensive motor private insurance. The process takes a cool ten minutes and it includes input of your vehicle’s details, receiving a quick quotation and making a payment.

Don’t be caught off-guard. Stay safe and get your motor insurance certificate straight on your mobile phone today. It’s convenience in a click.