A mother of two on Sunday stabbed to death 3 of her co-wive’s children before committing suicide in Masana village, Vihiga County.

Jacinta Odhiambo, 26, hang herself in her house after committing the heinous act.

The eldest child, a girl aged 7, was in class one, boy aged 5 was in nursery and two year old boy.

The children’s mother, Helen Atieno, had gone to church and left them in the care of their step mother and grandfather.

Their grandfather was reportedly with them in the family farm doing some planting when their stepmother called them home allegedly to give them porridge.

Atieno’s eldest child, a boy, survived after he refused to go home with his siblings saying he was not hungry.

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Once inside the house, their stepmother reportedly locked the door from the inside and stabbed the children on their necks one after the other.

Witnesses said Odhiambo had previously unsuccessfully attempted to kill the children, their mother and her husband using petrol.

An attempted suicide after the incident also flopped after she was rescued and taken to hospital.

She was discharged from hospital just last week following the incident.