This one is on fire! After allegations that she did not like her socialite daughter-in-law Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz’s mother has gone ahead to do the unthinkable to yet another socialite, Vera Sidika.

Sanura Sandra Kassim, Diamond’s mother, is such a dot com. After stepping out with bikinis for all the Mafisi to see, she has gone ahead to post a picture of socialite Vera Sidika.

Sanura, who prefers to be nicknamed Kendrah Michael goes on to say how flawless Vera Sidika looks, I mean, she already has a socialite in her house, why would she go ahead to find one in Kenya.

It will be well remembered that at some point in her now public life, she preferred Wema Sepetu, (Diamond’s ex) to Zari. Last year, Kendrah sent a birthday message to Wema but never did to Zari when her time came. Isn’t that evidence enough that the two don’t enjoy a cordial relationship.


Now that she has been spotted posting Vera Sidika, you might not know what she is upto, perhaps a second wife to son?

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