Margaret Kenyatta

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is a true definition of beauty and brains. Known for her Beyond Zero campaign which aims to improve maternal and child health outcomes in Kenya, Margaret has won the hearts of many both locally and internationally.

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But apart from that, the mother of three; Jomo, Ngina and Muhoho is also a fashion enthusiast. She always makes fashion statements whenever she steps out. She is without a doubt the best-dressed wife to Kenyan politician and president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Margaret has once again left many wagging tongues in her wake after he stepped out dressed like a muslim woman.

The first lady was hosting thousands of Muslim women for Iftar dinner last Friday and she had to dress for the event.

“First Lady Margaret Kenyatta this evening hosted thousands of Muslim women to a special Iftar Dinner as they prepared to break the month-long Ramadhan and commemorate Idd-ul-Fitr.

The over 3500 Muslims women from the grassroots (but joined by non-muslim friends) were drawn from all the 47 counties, majority of them coming from Nairobi as the host County.” read part of the message which was posted on The office of the first lady Facebook page.  

Here are the photos


Margaret Kenyatta


Margaret Kenyatta


Margaret Kenyatta


Margaret Kenyatta


Margaret Kenyatta


Margaret Kenyatta


Margaret Kenyatta

Doesn’t she look lovely?

Here is what Kenyans had to say about the first lady’s dress code

Aguwata: She should have been the president, I tell you. I just love this lady. So good, so naturally cute, humble, etc And people money does not corrupt everyone!! You see what I mean!

Tita: Your excellence my first lady, you look amazingly beautiful

Vanessa: Mother if the nation to everyone regardless of religion or ethnic group

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Mohamed: Great mama wa taifa the hijab makes you look more beautiful

Gabow: Looking so pretty in hijab….I wonder why they have not uploaded my pic with you

Ruth: She looks beautiful in everything

Ngare: She’s a great lady….. Your Excellency the first lady I admire you. Your inner beauty overflows from the outside. May God increase you abundantly
Nketchi: I admire you our Excellency the First Lady. You are indeed a great lady. May God bless you abundantly. You are an inspiration to many.