Noti Flow

Singer cum actress Florence Kutoto popularly known as Noti Flow has always appeared in public looking classy, wearing makeup, all dolled up leaving many of us wondering how she looks like when she’s about to go to bed or when she wakes up. And recently, God answered our prayers.noti_flow


Photos of the Nairobi Diaries reality star without makeup have surfaced and I kid you not, Noti Flow looks totally different from the queen we know. Many wouldn’t be able to recognize her.

Colonel Mustafa Ameona Hii! Noti Flow Bares It All For The Whole World (EXPLICIT PHOTOS)

Fans took to social media to question whether the photos making rounds were real or fake.

“Y’all need to stop using techno whatever…. omg… is this @notiflow or her distant cousin??? 😂😂😂😂😂… I just can’t @_the_ghetto_princess come get your in law 🙊🙊… uncle ukwaju @colonelmustafa da! Huyu ni queen au msaidizi wa queen?? 😷😷😷… or Uncle mus hit it raw and caused this damage 😂😂😂,” read a post on a popular celeb Instagram account.

Other reactions include;

Gandika: F**king shi*t! OMG! (manchester accent) this broad looks like someone slapped her always +sideways fulorenzii iko shita kani? ah, papa onako hii ah? no no no ad infinitum

Black_caramel: Who’s image was she created in the clay that made her seems to be leftover clays from Mugabe

Muthoni: This lady calls people fake yet amejibleach ma jik yani clorox mscheeeew

Janet: Vindu vichomenganga…alafu you add that fake rusungu on top of this!!bitch bye

Cieloh: Ain’t nothing wrong with bleaching- if someone isn’t comfortable in her natural skin let them change it, I mean it’s a free world ey- let people do what they want.

Jackie: Omg she looks like those women at Mombasa house huko river road selling mafuta. Whatever she is using has scorched her skin kabisa

Miss_Irungu: IssaOliechkinda situation😲😲😲. Gal put on that hair back before I get a nyaunyo.

Thtgoddess:  make up really changes people lol 😁 😂 😂

Irene_Wanji: Na vile yeye uongea mbaya kumbe nikasoro tupu

Its_vovor: But most of the celebs be looking like this in real

Marianjohn5: Mkorogo mkali najua ika kamatia aiku achiliya

Kwaaa_jojo: lol it’s not about a bad phone! She looks like shit without make up! You didn’t watch the behind the scenes? Also in person she looks so ashy and pale. #issafraud I was shocked! imagine she is not pretty! Mkorogo gang.

Here is the photo

Noti Flow

The photo is a behind the scenes shot during the filming of Nairobi Diaries.

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