Rose Museo
Rose Museo

Makueni MP, Rose Museo, may not be a politician that you recognize but she from today you will probably know her.

This female MP has waded into our collective consiences with some rather interesting and eye-brow raising comments about ngothas.

According to SDE, the representative¬†urged Kamba women to go to bed without panties. Her reason? So as to make men “happy” and as such result in fewer defilement cases.

She is quoted by SDE as saying:

Part of the anger experienced among many Kenyans starts at the family level. When a man leaves the house unhappy, he cannot serve his country well.

While her comments might be misunderstood or misrepresented by some, her others about what to do with child molesters was very clear. She proclaimed that she and women she had mobilized would undress men caught in defilement cases if the government takes too long to mete out justice.

Rose Museo
Rose Museo

She concluded by saying:

When there’s peace in Kenyan marriages, the society and country will be peaceful.

While I agree with her sentiments, her delivery might be misconstrued. Her end game is for women to please their husbands sexually. This is to stop them from engaging in heinous behaviours because they have been denied conjugal rights.

My problem with her thinking is that it conflates men who defile with men who are n’t getting good loving from their wives.

That I think is an error. The sad truth is that there will always be bad men. Not all but some who engage in this vile behaviour. Will their wives sleeping ndethe help them, sadly I don’t think so.

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