Amina Abdi

Bubbly TV presenter Amina Abdi is a bold woman. The Trend host, who is known for her fashion sense recently left many talking for days after a photo of her looking totally different went viral.

Amina Abdi

In the photo making rounds on social media, Amina Abdi appears to have a visible discrepancy between her face and whole body.

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Could it be a case of makeup fail? Did the makeup artist use lighter products than her complexion?

Amina Abdi

Anyway, below is the photo of Amina Abdi back in the day compared to now; has she maintained her original complexion?

Amina Abdi

Amina Abdi has not yet spoken about the rumors that she has bleached and a social media user shared the photo and wrote:

“My loves, what is going on here? her face doesn’t match her legs hahaha.”

another one commented:

“I saw her Insta story jana and thought there was something odd but then again, I convinced myself it is shadows.”

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