It’s always a dream of everyone, especially women, to look great on their big day. Be it a wedding, baby shower or even birthday, women will invest heavily in such occasions so as to look great. From buying that expensive dress, a pair of high heels and hiring makeup artists, they will do anything to look perfect just for that event.

But most get disappointed by the so-called makeup artists. They are left looking like scarecrows or the walking dead. Nyota Ndogo has been a victim of makeup gone wrong. (Click on the link below to read more)

WHY ALWAYS ME!!! Nyota Ndogo Left Embarrassed And Humiliated After Her Make Up Artiste Did This To Her

Well, a few days ago, Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai celebrated her 30th birthday but she wasn’t happy with her makeup artist. According to Anerlisa, her makeup artist did a shoddy job, leaving her looking like a ‘clown’ on her big day. She was forced to hire another one to help fix her face.

Anerlisa took to social media to credit her second makeup artist for a great job, but this did not go well with her first choice.

“I know the video is late but Ohh well since it’s here I might as well post. I also want to apologise for showing up a bit late, sometimes you call some makeup artist to do your make up but end up making you look like a clown, I had to do it all over again after sitting for over 2 hrs and that made me late…Thank you,” she wrote on Instagram.

Anerlisa Muigai

The accused makeup artist, who claims she has known Anerlisa for almost 10 years, came out to defend herself, claiming that her job was well done. Check out the screenshots


Anerlisa Muigai vs Makeup artist


Anerlisa Mugai vs makeup artist


Anerlisa Mugai vs makeup artist

The distraught makeup artiste went ahead to share photos of Anerlisa Muigai flaunting her well-done makeup face from previous makeup sessions with her.

“This’s a look I did a couple of years back so obviously it wasn’t the first time to work on her. It was a subtle facebeat. This’s the reason why I had to re-do her look on Saturday because she didn’t want a super highlighted/contoured look like the pic she had shown me on her phone previously.

It was honestly misleading because I asked her if she was sure about it because I’ve never seen her rock that type of look. It wasn’t about the quality of my work. Also, she has a huge birthmark on her face so trying to cover it up takes a lot of time and effort. Taking pics halfway through make-up to make me look bad is not cool. Next time, try putting your phone down for an hour or get someone else to pick up your calls to let people finish their work.

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