madeup black woman
madeup black woman. photo credit:

A Twitter user called Heart of Gold who is a make-up artist from Nigeria, excited many social media users when she posted a funny anecdote on her social media page.

You see, Heart of Gold really does have a heart made of Gold and she decided to give her friend some 30,000 Naira (15,000/- Kshs). But the friend was not so forthcoming when the time to repay came.

Heart of Gold
Heart of Gold. photo credit: Twitter/Heart of Gold

So in a fit of frustration, she decided to give the friend some room to maneuver to pay the bill. She told the friend that she would consider the debt paid if the friend paid even half. So the friend said that she would be o.k paying only 10,000 Naira of the amount as she only had 12,000 Naira in her account at the time. So ensued the hilarious set of events that ended with the lady getting 100,000 put in her account.

She says the friend sent the money in excess and that the friend started desperately calling and sending messages for the excess money to be returned. And I thought you only had 10,000 in your account. Hio ingine imetoka wapi? Hehehe! Serves her right.

Karma meme
Karma. photo credit:

Check out her hysterical tweets below:

This girl has been owing me 30k for months now & has refused to pay.
Yesterday I begged her to give me even if it’s half & forget the rest. She said she has only about 12k in her account and can only afford to send 10k.
As half bread is better than none, I told her to send the 10

— Sugar (@HeartOfGoId_) December 13, 2017

I woke up to an alert of 100k with like 25 missed calls (phone always on silent at night) and several messages begging me to transfer 90k back to her. That she made a mistake😂😂😂😂 she wanted to send 10k and added one extra 0

— Sugar (@HeartOfGoId_) December 13, 2017

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