Makena Njeri

BBC reporter Njeri Makena has opened up on how challenging life in the media can be, adding that even getting the job itself was hard.

But everything works out for good as she now works with an international media house.

Playing small has been canceled here 👑.

‘When I chose to be a journalist I didn’t know how challenging it was going to be from the get go.

Going through university had it’s own challenges, traveling abroad had it’s own challenges, hustling out here to get a job wasn’t easy but when I did I put my blood and sweat to it.

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Yesterday watching the show I work on #bbcwhatsnew being nominated for the Emmy’s reminded me that all those challenges are paying off now and we are just getting started.’

Makena went on to add

‘I want to encourage everyone who is looking for that breakthrough.

who is hustling right now trust me your future is brighter that what you think.

Your struggles right now are building the foundation you will need in the future.

Forever grateful to God who never leaves my side.’

Yenyewe ametoka mbali having acted in Tahidi high back in the day.

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