Queen Darleen and Mbosso
Queen Darleen and Mbosso

Queen Darleen, Diamond Platnumz’s sister was married as a second wife last year in December by businessman Isihaka Mtoro. The two had dated for a year and had come out clear to Darleen that he had a wife.

The singer now says that she and the first wife have never spoken nor seen each other face to face. The first wife has however blocked Queen Darleen on social media.

“I have never spoken to her and I have never seen her and I see her only on social media just like other people. She has blocked me. She first followed and then unfollowed and later blocked me,” said Queen Darleen

Darleen went on to say that when they were dating, he would leave his wife and come to her.

 I always say that my husband is mine alone because we have never spoken about the other wife.

Asked whether her hubby still communicates to the other woman, she said,

Yes, they speak.

Queen Darleen and her husband

Darleen is expecting her second born. She described her first baby daddy as a deadbeat. The baby daddy is a popular employee of a Tanzanian radio station

When our son was three years old, we went our separate ways, he doesn’t know what our son eats or wears. I am the father and mother to our son. I am the only one that has educated my son, if I even see him, I will not greet him I dont hate him but he doesn’t care about his blood.

He promised to take care of our son and he never did. I was hurt. 

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Queen Darleen during her wedding day