Sarah Kabu
Sarah Kabu and her husband

They say money is good and can buy you anything including happiness and I agree to that.

There are many Kenyans living large and some of them are CEOs. They take home huge chunks of money and recently a list of the highest paid CEOs was released leaving many scratching their heads.

Well, Bonfire CEO is among the Kenyans eating life with a bigger spoon but his success didn’t come easy.

Simon and Sarah Kabu

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Kabu worked in the matatu industry and his story has always inspired many. He worked as a turnboy working the graveyard shift in the milk industry, loading and off-loading milk at Tuzo and Brookside companies.

“As Tuzo milk sales man. Off loading over 300 crates of milk everyday makes will make you healthy- No need for the Gym. This is one of the company that moulded me to be who am I today,” he shared apost accompanied by the pic below.

Simon Kabu

In another post, Kabu, the father of two revealed that after joining campus it was not all smooth and he decided to do menial jobs to make ends meet.

“AT Egerton university (photo below) where I was screening the movies and renting out videos and TVs and tapes. Imagine my parents couldn’t afford college fees and had to leave university to look for fees then went back where I did all types of manual work like mjengo huko jua Kali kahawa west, Matatu ya route 44 till I got the fees. he later graduated with a Bachelors in Economic and Statics from Egerton University.”

Simon Kabu

On Madaraka day, Simon Kabu left Kenyans awed after he shared a video showing off the interior of his house.

The expensive comfy seats, 64-inch flat screen spacious dining and living room can only be compared to a palace.

The 44-year-old CEO makes between Sh300 million and Sh700 million per annum.

Sarah Kabu and her husband

Last year Kabu brought the city to a standstill after he spent 30 million on his wife Sarah’s birthday: Range Rover Sport, five-tier red velvet cake and an after-party at the Kiza Lounge in Nairobi.

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 Bonfire is one of the leading tours and travels companies in Africa and recently, they sponsored TerryAnne Chebet’s birthday and Lillian Muli’s baby bump shoot at the Swahili Beach hotel.

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Below is the video of Simon Kabu’s home that Kenyans can’t stop talking about…