Last year has seen some ordinary people get into stardom. Each one of these people have risen to fame for the unique personality they’ve brought into the industry.

Elsa Majimbo

Majimbo has been around for a minute, but it is not until this year that we saw her blow up to international standards. The comedian, who is known for making jokes as she eats her signature crisps, won the E People’s Choice award as the African social star, beating bigwigs like Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, Nigerian content creator Dimma Umeh, singer Sho Madjozi.

Elsa majimbo

She recently also won GQ entertainer of the year and was also crowned the Best New Comedy Creator of 2020 by Streamys Award.

“I just want to thank me, I could not have done it without all my hard work. And also to my team and all of you for supporting me,” she wrote after the win.

The Kenyan-South African based comedian is followed on Instagram by international celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Yahara Shahidi, Taraji P Henson and Zendaya.


Azziad Nasenya wowed Kenyans with her unmatched dance moves to ‘Utawezana’ song by Femi One and Mejja. The TikTok sensation, who looks forward to becoming a TV personality, said her rise to fame was fast and unexpected.

“I used to do TikTok videos all the time, I would jump into songs that I vibe. I had never spoken to the artistes before, I was humble that it meant something that I pushed their song further,” she said.

She has since become an influencer and an actress in the famous local drama series ‘Selina’ in the role ‘Chichi’.


Zuhura Soud, alias Zuchu, is the daughter of Taarab legend Khadija Kopa. She was announced as the new signee to Diamnd Platnumz’s record label in March this year.

Zuchu has released hit singles and collabos, among them the highly talked about songs ‘Litawachoma’ and ‘Cheche’ featuring her boss Diamond. She also made a debut with her EP, ‘I Am Zuchu’.

“It has been a dream since I was young. I seriously started singing in 2015 at a singing competition. I met Diamond four years before I was signed to his label. Diamond took time with me so I can prove to him I can go with his speed.I am humbled to be mentored by him,” she said.

“My mother used to tell me not to give up.”

In under six months, she has been nominated for several award shows and has garnered millions of followers on Instagram.

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Socialite Shakilla was intentional in wanting fame, so she got what she signed up for. She went viral after appearing on Xtian Dela’s Instagram Live session. She listed names of Kenyan celebrities she allegedly had slept with, among them Willy Paul, Khaligraph Jones, Otile Brown, KRG The Don and Ringtone. She later apologised to the rapper and footballer Victor Wanyama for defamation.

The 19-year-old socialite blamed it all on alcohol.

Mbogi Genje and Gotta City

Gengetone group Mbogi Genje and Gotta City rose to fame thanks to their viral sheng words. Gotta City introduced the phrase ‘Kama unajinauwo vyenye unajinauwo momchoka’, while Mboogi Genje are known for ‘Ngumi Mbegze’.

The two groups come from the same turf but recently hit headlines after their fight. Gotta City accused their ex-friends Mbogi Genje of stealing their lyrics in the song ‘Wamocho’.

Mike Sonko with Mbogi Genje

Cartoon Comedian

Vanessa, aka Cartoon Comedian, is the originator of ‘Unaniaffect’, ‘Unanichoke’, ‘Unanisuffocate’, a video that went viral when the comedian was trying to explain that she is not fond of people who use too much English.

Before that, she was a stand-up comedian on Churchill Show, which she later quit.

In a recent TV interview, she narrated how hard life was before her viral video.

Cartoon comedian

“I used to hawk omena in Kariobangi and Lucky Summer, and at some point I used to sell Khaki papers and I felt that wasn’t my future, so I ventured back into comedy. Even if you tell me I’m not funny, I will insist on making you laugh.”

Crazy Kennar

Crazy Kennar has also been in the industry for some time, but it was this year, when people are quarantining, that he became known to many people.

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The actuarial science student is the founder of the Live Vine show and identifies himself as ‘The society’s funniest mirror ‘.