Kweli hii ni Njaanuary… Ukikosa kula chakula, unakula risasi!!!

This was the case with a loaded Nairobi businessman and a private security guard, who were shot and seriously wounded in a robbery incident in Karen on Sunday night, January 15, 2017.

The man was shot twice in the leg in the raid at his home on 3D Lane, by a gang of four armed with AK 47 rifles.

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The robbers carted away gold and mobile phones of unspecified value, and an unknown amount of cash.

According to the police, the four-man gang shot the guard when they arrived, before escaping in a waiting car.

Police said they had launched a manhunt for suspects.

Recovered gun

3D Lane residents association chairman David Mereka said they were concerned by the increasing number of attacks on gated communities in Karen.

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“We would like police to increase patrols to ensure our safety,” he told the Star by phone.

In a separate incident at Pangani, in Nairobi, on Monday, a suspected thug was shot dead in a botched robbery.

The suspect and his three accomplices had been robbing motorists and pedestrians when the alarm was raised.

Police recovered a pistol with two bullets.

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