Tanzanian sensation Lady Jaydee is one of East Africa’s biggest and successful female singers and is often referred to as the queen of R&B music, for having been in the industry for more than a decade.

She surprised everyone in 2014 when she revealed that she had officially separated from her husband of about 10 years, Gardner G. Habash, who was also her manager citing irreconcilable differences.

lady jaydee

The award-winning singer had mentioned late last year, that she was intending to relocate to Germany from her home country Tanzania, after spending time with family and friends during the Christmas holiday.

One would wonder why she would want to move away from where 90% of her fans are located. Her main reason for relocating to Germany happens to be because there are a lot of hypocritical and sadistic people in Tanzania.

Speaking to Global Publishers, Lady Jaydee claimed that a lot of people, especially those close to her, had been “bad-mouthing her behind her back and celebrating her downfall” following different issues that she had been going through.

Currently, I am staying at a hotel in Germany; I haven’t found a house yet. However, I have friends and relatives in the country who can accommodate me. The most important thing is to stay far away from people who are happy when one is going through trying times

The 36-year-old Yahaya singer, real name Judith Wambura Mbibo, will live in Bonn city and revealed that she will still make music even when she moves there and do performances if invited.

If you take Germany out of the picture; other times I spend my vacation in South Africa where I cool off and tour places

Lady Jaydee also refused to discuss her love life, but admitted that she will not get back together with her ex-husband.