Afew weeks back, we ran a rather delectable exclusive about Mykie Tuchi being an uber driver.

Maisha Ni Ngumu! Camp Mulla’s Member Now An Uber Driver (PHOTOS)

The article had everyone in their feeling about some garbage interpretation of the article. Uncle Chim Tuna truly is the Pope of Pissing Off People, the Most Detested Man n Showbiz, The Duke of Douchebaggery and the A1 Class Aggrandizing Asshole!


But away from me and back to the topic at hand. Mykie Tuchi is an Uber driver who got upset because I referred to him as such -I honestly wonder whether he would have been just as upset if I had said he is an Uber pilot for one of their choppers.

He animatedly (I imagine) wrote me a rather angry email seeking to clear the air:

Doing_an_internet lol

In the email, he sought to address the perceived slight at him saying that while he is indeed driving an uber, he is much more than just a mere driver. He is a businessman. And I responded and let him know that I would be reaching out in time to give him another shot at his right of reply which he had earlier refused to take up. The lil homie David Kingsley gave Mykie Tuchi a call and this is how the conversation went:

One thing that stands out is the fact that according to Mykie, he owns three cars that earn him revenue through Uber with whom he is a “partner”.
I should also probably point out that i am still happy for him either way because the truth is, he is ADULTING.

I’m out to have a cold one.