The Kenyan entertainment industry has suffered a big blow over the past years.

We have lost, the most talented, patriotic and promising actors. From Jastorina to Mzee Ojwang , we are still mourning their demise. Will anyone ever replace the unsung heroes?

It saddens me to see a nation bury her legends, people who once made her proud.

People who made us laugh, the ones who worked their hearts out and made sure the acting industry is something to smile about despite the beliefs that it is a career for the not so learned.

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Below is a list of the top 5 most talented Kenyan actors who passed away and we dearly miss.

1. Mzee Ojwang

The 78-year-old former Vitimbi actor succumbed to pneumonia on 12 July 2015 at the Kenyatta National Hospital while undergoing treatment.

2. Jastorina


3. Derrick Amunga

4. Betty Mbaya “Wanade”

5. Aswani Omfwoko