Bishop Kiuna

Life is good. If you doubt this, ask your rich friends. City pastors bishop Allan and Rev Kathy Kiuna are some of the most popular power couples around and we are proud of them. Commonly referred to as dad and mum by their followers, the two lovebirds are role models to many both spiritually, intellectually and financially.

Through her initiative; The Daughters of Zion, Kathy has managed to touch and transform the lives of thousands of women around. The Kiuna’s have managed to gain both ardent supporters and haters but that has never deterred them from spreading the gospel. They are strong.

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Well, today we bring you a list of the five things you didn’t know about Allan and Kathy Kiuna, go through;

  1. They are rich

The Kiuna’s are without a doubt the richest pastors in the country. They own what most local pastors can’t afford. From driving expensive machines to living in a multi-million mansion in Runda estate, they are indeed living the life. They are the only local pastors who play golf; a game of the rich.

Rev Kathy Kiuna


2. Love

Bishop Allan and Rev Kathy Kiuna are a perfect match. The two lovebirds are never afraid of showing off their affection in public. Unlike other public figures who are always blaming each other over infidelity cases, mum and dad are happily married.

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3. They are great fashionistas

No one can beat the Kiuna’s when it comes to dressing. Kathy is a trendsetter when it comes to the fashion industry and her dress code has always left many flabbergasted. Kathy’s shoes can pay your bedsitter rent for a whole year. The man of God is also a great fashionista just like his wife.

Kathy Kiuna


4. Family oriented

They are loving parents to their children. Despite their busy schedules, Allan and Kathy Kiuna always create time to be with their family and this can be evident from the many photos they post on social media. The two are also besotted by their grandchild and a look at their Instagram tells a lot.

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5. They are trendy

Despite being 50 years old and above, Allan and Kathy are pacesetters in the local showbiz industry. They always hold couples dinner parties quarterly and the dress code is always all white. Mum and dad also use the latest cellphones and change cars often so as to be on top of the trend.

Allan Kiuna