Ferdinand Waititu

Former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waituti is now a common mwananchi after he was impeached in January this year. The controversial politician popularly known as Baba Yao has on several occasions been spotted walking in the streets.

Waititu seems to have adjusted to normal life, without bodyguards and he’s a great example of no situation is permanent and yote ni vanity. [insert Daddy Owen’s voice]

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Below are photos of Waititu that have gone viral

Ferdinand Waititu
Former Kiambu governor spotted walking in the CBD

Ferdinand Waititu Ferdinand Waititu

Below are reactions from Kenyans

Collina Asweto Seems to be so much at peace

Kenneth Ferdinand Waititu has moved on. Power is indeed temporary awuoro!!

Jackline Nganga This guy will bounce back somewhere

Carlton Waititu is still Wealthy but very humble. “Power” is relative.

Qappeh That’s goes to tell that all these earthly things are vanity

Sirrmi Kumbe pia yeye hupima wauza nguo ,amepima na hajanunua
Sismas Ombuya I think I love the way he is able to adjust to normal life. Quite commendable

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Joy Mdivo This man will live long. Live and let live

Josephat Njoroge Adaptation is critical in life n continuity. Species that refuse to evolve become extinct

Mary John Accepting, letting go and moving on is always the best choice one can ever make

Salim Barissa Ha ha ha ha ha ha maisha ni kujikubali, sio kushindana nayo yatakunawisha.

Jane Wokabi Kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa upishi,life must continue

Shem Kagema One thing I like about Waititu is the way he learns to cope with the tides…
You will find him hapo kayole junction at his petrol station akikula story na watu or find him area za city market in his Range Rover akitoka bank and waving at anyone who cares to notice him

Wairimu Mahinge That’s why one should try to live a normal life even when in power.Lakini wakenya ni nani.One gets appointment as a cattle dip chairman the next day they have changed their number and they are blocking you 😳

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