Maina Kageni

Prominent media personality Maina Kageni has advised Kenyan women and side chicks who are not known by their men’s family to ensure they do.

According to Maina, it beats logic as to why one should wait for a man to die for them to go cause drama during the funeral.

His advise for women is,

Go to his shagz and make yourself known.

What are you waiting for? Avoid all that drama when that nigga drops dead.

I know of people and the father is so wealthy its ridiculous? If you are not known to his people what security do you have?

‘Grow up and be a man for a day,’ Maina Kageni told by superfan Wakanai

Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni advises,

Go to his sisters office and make yourself known if need be.

Those friends of mine, If I tell you who  the father is you might faint.

because of how he looks like a holy joe in public.

‘This n*ggas will never learn,’ Maina Kageni on Esther Arunga saga

Maina goes on to advise women not to pop up during burials.

Popping up at a funeral is such an old trick,the family can easily deal with this.

Get known by his family when he is still alive.

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