Maina Kageni

Classic 105 radio presenter Maina Kageni has said he is very upset with how Kenyan politicians are so calms when their people are battling coronavirus.

According to Maina, this would have been the best time to prove their worth to the people.

‘If Kenyan politicians come back after coronavirus pandemic God help me because I do not know what I will do to them

We cannot fight corona alone and then they come to tell us about BBI.

When are they planning on saying something about this pandemic?’

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Below are some of the reactions.

‘They are waiting for coronavirus to end so that they can come back and start singing ‘Nobody can stop reggae.’

*Mike added,

‘They are just quiet but when coronavirus is over they will talk about how they spent millions fighting the pandemic.’

Shiku added,

‘Simba Arati is our MP, he has been quiet, the time when we need them all they do is slay on social media.

They could have given us sanitizers or food. Coronavirus has shown us the true character of our leaders.’

*Peter said,

‘Politicians carry us like fools but it’s time we wake up from our slumber.’

What has your area MP done to help the residents during this pandemic?

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