Jeff Koinange

Radio personality Maina Kageni has expressed his shock at the guts dead beat fathers have when coming back to the lives of their kids when fame beckons.

Maina’s sentiments were based on #JKL’s interview with Leyla Mohammed, Wendy Waeni and Elly Anne Wanjiki.

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Jeff Koinange

The three girls who are celebrities by their own rights talked about how absent their fathers are in their lives.

They say that politicians make the best interview but the interview Jeff Koinange had with three talented girls was the best thing ever.

Did you see how they cried when they started talking about their fathers?

Where have this niggas been all these while,why is it that they were never there before the fame.

It broke my heart into pieces when the girls cried upon being asked about their dads.

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Talking about their absentee dads, EllyAnne Wanjiki says

I met him in 2017, I had never met him before he left us because he said Kenya is not a good place to live in.

He gave me my doll brownie when I visited him for the first time.

He has had a change of heart and he is getting us tickets too visit him in December.

Leyla Mohammed went to reveal that her dad also left them and has never come back into their lives.

When our dad left us,I can bravely say I am the head of the family I am not sure if he has ever seen me perform but I forgave him long time ago.

I wish him the best of luck where he is,Sometimes God takes things away from you to harden your heart.

I am OK if he was to come see me perform.

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