Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni has confessed he would have peed on himself in shock if he was in Pastor Nganga’s church during the service where he delivered his angry warning to his bishops.

Maina was even more shocked that people have gotten so used to such outbursts from their pastors. Some congregants even felt that Pastor Nganga had done nothing wrong.

Which other pastor talks like this? When did things change?Someone told me that is how we are talked to by our pastors.

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Maina admits that some ladies confessed to him how afraid they were of the man of God

Some ladies were telling me they even fearing looking at Pastor Nganga. If I was in that congregation I would have peed on myself. I was very shocked by the reaction to this video

Maina adds,

I am not an ardent church goer. I go to church on very few Sundays since kitambo so all this is quite shocking.

Maina Kageni


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In the viral video Pastor Nganga partly rants at a subdued congregation saying,

I hear people are talking a lot. If you climb a tree I will cut it down and make you fall .

I want to talk to bishops in my church if you do not respect my wife I wont care who you are I will kick you out of my ministry even if we were born together.

Pastor Nganga add that however does not feel like respecting his rules is free to move out of his church

To women if you do not respect my wife you can leave my church and go open yours and change the name, Fools. You found me in this church with my wife and it is in my church that you got rich stupid, arrogant.

Nganga continued his diatribe.

You met me while I was riding a mkokoteni when your wives had knots in their heads and you were in rags ,useless people,trash.

The devil is fighting me.You think you can come with your wife and circumcise me.

I want full respect.When I cough I want you to respond.

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