Maina Kageni

Gone are the days when women would be left at home cooking, washing and just taking care of kids. Those days of yonder are gone. Women now go to bars and night clubs as men do.

Despite the fact that this bothers most men, Radio kingpin Maina Kageni is less bothered.

According to him, if the woman has worked for that money she is spoiling herself with, hakuna shida.

‘Watu wajipe shughuli.

Why does it bother you when a woman drinks and what she does with her money?

What do you want them to do? Times have changed.

Today’s woman is evolved,’ He asked.

‘I was smelling and nobody wanted to sit next to me,’ Maina Kageni on been mistaken for a Nigerian selling drugs in the UK

To which Mwalimu King’ang’i responded

‘Women nowdays drink as if there is a trophy being promised somewhere. 

Back in the day women used to be left at home, nowadays it’s the opposite. If the two of you are drunkards who will take care of the kids?

Women have drunk so much mpaka they have their own beers. Nowadays houses are full of people with hangovers.

They do not even take wine, they drink whisky and Konyagi and they don’t even get drunk. If they don’t reduce their intake I see a problem.’

Do you think it’s true that women nowadays drink more than their male counterparts?

If yes what do you think might be the contributing factor?

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