Maina Kageni

Radio personality Mwalimu King’ang’i has urged Kenyan women to support their men during these tough economic times instead of leaving them.

According to Mwalimu Kingangi, maisha ni kusaidiana. Speaking during the breakfast show on Classic 105 he said,

‘Bear with your men, we are one and we are building a future here. How can you throw out a man during these tough times.

We cannot all be equal,so stop influencing others negatively. When corona ends we shall go back to normal and provide.’

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To which Maina Kageni responded,

‘Ladies NEVER give your men money because that is a bad habit.

If it’s a matter of helping how about she gives birth to the first baby and you deliver the second one?

If kuna corona let them find a way to deal with it. Broke men don’t deserve love.

Go out and look for money like other men’

The conversation was based on a Kenyan man identified as Zack Opondo who was thrown out by the woman who was ‘keeping him’.

So serious was the woman that she hired goons to do the dirty job for her. Watch the video here if you missed it.

What was interesting to note is that he only left the house with a piece of small hand luggage, which many assumed to be his clothes.

Ladies you have heard it, do not give a man money after all God ordained him to be a provider.

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