Maina Kageni Aurlus Mabele

The world is mourning Aurlus Mabele, a music icon that shaped African music as we know it.

Mabele died on March 19 in Paris aged 67.

The famous Congolese singer was battling throat cancer and had suffered a stroke 5 years ago.

His only daughter, Liza Monet announced that he also got infected with COVID-19 and that hasted his demise.

‘I’m broken…’ Music legend Aurlus Mabele’s daughter Liza Monet speaks

Today morning, Maina Kageni was on air at Classic 105 and he paid his tribute to the musical legend.

Aurlus, thank you so much for the music


Maina noted what an icon Aurlus was to the entertainment landscape in Africa, noting that,

rest in peace, the good thing you served your purpose, you did our thing and you left us good music. He had been ill for about 15 years and died from coronavirus.

Remembering Aurlus Mabele! Life and time of the King of Soukous

Here are photos from the life and times of Aurlus. May he rest in eternal peace.

Liza Monet

Mungu mpe nguvu! Meet Aurlus Mabele’s only child, Liza Monet


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