Classic 105’s breakfast presenter Maina Kageni may have met the women of his dreams in Maasai Mara.

This news was revealed by one of Maina’s boys who said that his recent trip to the wild to celebrate his birthday turned out to be a boon in his romantic life.

On Friday, during his show, Wakanai a.k.a Big Poppa Poppin called in to give his two cents during the morning discussion about women who date married men.

Wakanai used a popular saying to describe women saying, “Uzuri wa mwanamke sio urembo ni tabia (The beauty of a woman is not in her looks but her character).”

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He then sounded off a warning to young women dating married men.

“Ladies, if you don’t have his ring, please you are a Mpango Wa Kando. If he liked you, he would have put a ring on your finger.”

In true Wakanai style, he gave his opinion and in the same breath roasted Maina revealing that he seems to have meet his bae.

“The wife is the main shareholder, women if he hasn’t given you a ring, you are just worth the price of one sufuria, stop disturbing the official wife. That said, you should behave well towards that king and know your place.”

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“Like now, when Main was in the Mara, those hot babes in Maasai land were treating him very well. We are now waiting for confirmation from you telling us, “Here she is.”

Taunting Maina’s female fans, Wakanai added,

“To our Nairobi girls, halllloo, Maina Kageni is finally gone! Ako na Kamaasai.”

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