Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni says the artistes who used to living their lives for the gram should now think of a plan B during these tough times.

According to Maina, most do not invest but rather spend all their cash on material things.

‘I have been seeing local and international DJs going live, Where is the money?

Most artistes live life for the gram, posh cars 100 pairs of sneakers.

Sahii wanafanya nini?’

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Maina advised,

‘People should hold onto the money we have because we don’t know how long the pandemic will last.

I am thinking of how people will survive and I am worried?’

Speaking during an interview on Classic 105, Mugithi Maestro Sammidoh said the pandemic has affected him.

I was trying to visualize how to play live but how to get money on it is the problem.

Tuko na shida. I have invested in clubs also so I am affectS on both sides.

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In conclusion Sammidoh added,

The lesson I have learned is not to put all eggs in one basket.’

How has Coronavirus affected your way of earning a living?

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