Maina Kageni

A Kenyan woman is heartbroken over the fact that Classic 105 radio presenter Maina Kageni rejected her as she is obese.

Sharing her heartbreak during his morning show *Mariam said.

‘Maina I know the reason why you rejected me is because I am obese.

You should not look at such things.

If we got together utanikimbiza kwa nyumba and I will lose the weight and be skinny as you would like.

Furthermore you used to be big and you have lost weight so you are my motivation.’

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This confession follows a discussion on air whether people are married to their dream woman or man. Many listeners said there is no such thing.
One person went on to advise Maina Kageni.

‘There is no such thing as Mr right or Mrs right.

i believe true love doesn’t exist anyway.

I’d say is getting someone you feel compatible with, getting to accommodate their weaknesses, celebrate your success.’

Another added

‘Hii mambo ya kusema ati you will marry the woman of your dreams, you can only find it in a dictionary.’

Maina Kageni

‘Maina, It is better to be single and alone than to marry the wrong person.’

Maina should not fall for this trap, kwa ground vitu ni different.

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