Socialite Risper Faith has finally shipped in her new Mercedes Benz, a car that is said to be worth millions of shillings.

Read: Here’s The Sleek German Machine That Socialite Risper Faith Has Just Bought

In January this year, the shapely lass posted some photos of the sleek German machine on her Instagram page saying it would arrive in Kenya before the end of the month.

While some believed her reason being she is making a pretty sum for her role in reality TV show Nairobi Diaries, others dismissed it as cheap talk.

Well, Risper recently silenced her haters and all the naysayers after posting some photos of her sleek car.

The car she bought, a Mercedes Benz V350, costs between Sh2 million to Sh4 million for a second-hand version. The price of a new one could go as high as Sh8 million.

Here are the photos:

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